Is «Ltd» Required After a Company Name?

Yes, ltd after company name is legally required for a company in many jurisdictions. Adding «Ltd» after your company name signifies that it is a limited company, providing certain benefits and legal protections.

Do you Need a Business Plan for Amazon FBA?

Yes, having a well-crafted Amazon FBA business plan is crucial for setting clear goals, outlining strategies, and understanding the financial aspects of your FBA business.

How do I Draft a Legal Reply to a Notice?

When responding to a legal notice, it’s important to follow the correct format for reply to legal notice, ensuring that your response is professional, clear, and legally sound.

Are Verbal Agreements Enforceable?

While some verbal agreements are legally binding, it’s often difficult to prove their terms in court. It’s best to have written contracts to avoid potential disputes.

What is the Legal Temperature for Tenants in the UK?

The legal temperature for tenants in the UK specifies that landlords must keep the indoor temperature at a minimum of 18°C in the living areas. This is essential for tenant comfort and well-being.

Understanding Double Taxation Agreement in India

The double taxation agreement between India and other countries aims to prevent double taxation on the same income, providing relief and clarity for individuals and businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.